Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Integrating search engine optimisation techniques into your website is a must. SEO improves the visibility of your website in natural ‘unpaid’ search engine results, allowing you to make the most of this free marketing channel.  Using both on-page techniques (including optimising keyword density, structuring links correctly and creating SEO-friendly URLs) and off-page techniques including link-building, we keep on top of the latest SEO science so that you don’t have to. Moggs has great credentials in this area and we do regular work for several of our clients including Robeys, Draka and Plaser.

Since the introduction of SEO techniques, Robeys have noticed a great improvement in the performance of their website and an increase of traffic to the site. Moggs worked closely with Robeys to create a definitive list of keywords that potential visitors search for and these were written into the copy throughout the website. Each page of the website has been optimised to appear high in search engine result pages and to drive people to the specific page which interests them, helping to reduce the ‘bounce rate’ of visitors to the website.

If your website is in need of some TLC from SEO then email us at and we’ll help it to work harder.

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