What is PR?

Public Relations is the art of manipulating your reputation with your target market. We are not ‘spin doctors’, because in most cases, clear and targeted communication can work wonders. Pound for pound you can get more widespread coverage with resourceful PR, and one initial well written article can create a ripple effect that continues to promote you further afield.



Here's what we do:


Less Blah. More PR.

Moggs is rapidly becoming the PR agency of choice for many businesses. Our dynamic approach as a full service creative agency means we are more effective at tackling the research, planning, implementation and evaluation of your PR strategy. We have a team of PR professionals with excellent experience across many different market sectors who will work closely with you to ensure that you are reaching the right audiences to maximise your business potential.

With so much content bombarding us from all angles these days, it’s even more important to make sure your press really stands out. The answer to this is quality over quantity. We make sure your communications are impactful, and whether that’s done with 200 words or 20, we will help you engage with your audience by being concise and motivating. We are all about generating really well written articles and this style intensifies the effectiveness of your strategy. Many PR companies simply aim to fill quotas; we are different, our approach really helps you achieve your business goals.



There are a wide range of PR services that we offer at Moggs, including:

Press relations

We handle all your communications with the media. The most powerful way of doing this is a clear and concise press release, which we will research and prepare on your behalf. It is an official statement that we circulate to relevant newspapers or publications, giving them newsworthy information. We know what the media want, and whilst we do not control what they publish, we can fact-check and provide them with copy that really hits the mark.

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Creative and accurate copywriting is essential for effective communications. You can use our services for all types of promotional purposes. This includes corporate and technical literature, website copy, newsletters, emailers, internal communications…even speech writing.


Media analysis

P.R is not a fine art, but we know how to get results and maximum media exposure for your business. We relay the results we have achieved back to you, demonstrating how effective and financially viable your PR initiatives were.


Crisis management

The chances are you’ll never need this service, but if unforeseen circumstances are causing negative publicity for your business then we are here to help you deal with the problem head on by delicately nurturing your public reputation back to good health.


Social media management

You might think that social networking is a veritable minefield, but it’s an incredibly effective way of getting your message out directly to your consumers. However it can take up a lot of time to monitor and update Facebook. And your Twitter account. And your YouTube Channel, and Instagram and Linked-In pages, not forgetting to maintain a blog you have started. Moggs can take these entirely off your hands, frequently posting/tweeting/and hash-tagging about all the things your customers need to know.


New product launches

Launching a new product or service is a critical time when engaging promotion is vital. We can host press events and supply press packs, so that when you launch you hit the ground running, already surrounded with a glow of good publicity.


Case histories, including customer interviews

Case histories are a great way of showing potential clients how you operate, with specific examples of solutions you have provided to your customers in the past. However, they are often missing impact and can be tedious to read. We take an entirely different approach, and find case histories are much more effective when jazzed up with client interviews, great photos, and interesting and to the point copy.


If these are just random buzz words to you, click to find out what our services actually provide.


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