Draka is a remarkable business with clear plans to become a UK market-leading manufacturer of specialist electrical cables. The work featured below provides an excellent example of what a truly “Integrated Communications Campaign” looks like. The Moggs team has guided the client through the development of internal and external communications with a tightly coordinated approach. 

This is just a snapshot of the successful work produced to date – if you'd like to understand more about how integrated communications can work for your company, call Roger Moggs now on 01332 363925 or email roger@moggs.org


Buy Now - Pay Later Advert

Another in the 'Rogue cable' camapign. Would you believe it if we said this campaign has generated more editorial coverage in the trade press than any other in recent times?  Believe it.


Bungee Advert

The first of a hard-hitting campaign to establish Draka's remarkable brand credentials











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