Whatever the subject, Moggs can help you to write the most effective copy and we have experience in writing for many different fields and industries, including;

  • - Engineering
  • - Cables
  • - Cargo & Cranes
  • - Home Interiors
  • - Golf
  • - Agriculture
  • - Showers
  • - Plumbing

Moggs has considerable experience in writing copy for websites, printed adverts, press releases and news articles for a range of purposes including business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

Website Copy
An example of recent website copy is for Robeys ( The copy was written with the consumer in mind, but SEO was also a key factor, along with certain key technical information. Moggs worked closely with the client to produce copy that would not only appeal to the end consumer and provide them with the basic technical information they would need, but also to incorporate key SEO words to help the website work harder and drive visitors to the site.

Advert Copy
Moggs has recently produced a range of advertisements for our client Bristan with the headline ‘Trust Bristan’. Bristan have developed a range of showers and the adverts were designed to target plumbers. ‘Trust Bristan’ and ‘easily installed’ were designed to appeal directly to the plumber and this campaign is proving to be very successful.

Press Releases
Moggs are heavily involved in writing press releases, and we work with a great team of people to produce the most effective copy. Moggs works with the client to fully understand the business and what product they wish to write a press release about. Once we have a thorough understanding of the business or product we will produce a first draft. From here we again work closely with the client to finalise copy and produce an effective and engaging press release.

So, whatever your copy requirements, Moggs can help. From headlines for adverts to extensive copy for websites, Moggs would be delighted to assist.   

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