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Hiab’s World Crane Championship Finalists Selected.

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has selected the finalists who will take part in the first ever World Crane Championships at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, United Kingdom, on 14-16 April 2015. The xx contestants, who have won their places after qualifying through rounds held in 11 different countries, will be competing to take away a €25,000 prize.

To prove they have what it takes, those competing for the title of World Crane Champion will manoeuver a state-of-the-art HIAB X-HiPro 192 through a series of obstacles, trying to beat a time set by the anonymous crane pro ‘Eric’ - Hiab’s very own The Stig – who is so named after Eric Sundin, who co-founded Hiab in 1944. ‘Eric’ also developed the track design, which includes toppling water-filled drums with a load whilst keeping the crane below a crossbar.

“The finalists are all immensely skilled crane drivers, and we cannot wait to see how they handle the course,” said Carl Gustaf Göransson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Markets at Hiab. “However, it’s important that they remember to keep a cool head, as they will be performing in front of a large crowd and mistakes incur time penalties and, in the worst cases, disqualification.”

Jukka Suttinen, the competitor from Finland, is so determined to become the World Crane Champion that he has built a replica practice track in preparation. The transport company entrepreneur and owner of Je-Trans Oy said “To become World Crane Champion would be a superb acknowledgement after years of work. The competition so far has been a great and giving experience. HIAB-loader cranes are top-of-the-line products and very reliable, and I built the practice track so that I am consistent to match the cranes reliability.”

Others have been preparing their whole life, such as Gudio Beaujean from The Netherlands, who has been driving cranes since he was only 12 years of age. “It would be amazing to receive the title of World Crane Champion, but more importantly it’s great that Hiab are recognizing skilled crane drivers,” said Guido, who works for H.J. Beaujean BV Transport & Grondverzet, “I’m convinced that there are several potential World Crane Champions in my company alone.”

Martin Utpatel, who won the regional qualifying round in Germany, said “The best kind of preparation for me is my daily work with my Hiab crane at Rolf Hachenberg Spedition. Hiab builds such high performance cranes, with what I consider to be the best control system available, that you just could not do this kind of competition with anything other than a Hiab. To win the WCC would crown my 20 years work with cranes in this performance class.”

Johnny Jensen, from Denmark, has been a crane operator for 21 years, and is representing his company Benny Rasmussen and Son. Jensen is the finalist considered to be the dark horse, having previously won a Hiab competition where he was the quickest to move dummy ducks into a pond using his crane.

“I have operated Hiab cranes for 10 years, and will continue to do so for many more years to come.” Speaking of the championship, Johnny said “It's been incredibly fun to participate, and it would be my great honour and pride to win the WCC. I will do everything I can to take the victory home to Denmark.”

This is the very start of what aims to be a reoccurring annual event, namely the WCC sponsored by HIAB. Please visit Hiab’s website where you can learn more about the World Crane Championships: www.hiab.com


Hiab boosts high capacity range with the new X-HiPro 858

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has announced the introduction of a new high capacity crane, the X-HiPro 858. The latest addition to Hiab’s new breed of heavy lift cranes, the 858 provides customers with a highly productive and reliable solution for heavy duty load handling.

Featuring a lift capacity of 80tm and an outreach of 34.5m in the horizontal plane; (38m on the vertical plane); the 858 provides tremendous versatility across a number of applications.  Designed  with the operator in mind, the 858 has new simplified controls that are easy to use and deliver smooth and precise manoeuvrability. The Hiab X-HiPro also features a remote control display and an additional external display mounted on the base. Here the driver can see crane capacity information for each angle of the jib, depending upon the stability of the truck, a major contributor to safe operation.

Josep Salavedra Ciurana, of Transgruas J. Salavedra in Gernoa, Spain, said, “The HIAB X-HiPro is clearly the most powerful crane we have operated. It takes performance to new levels and has tremendous flexibility. Even at full reach, the articulation of the jib in high positions is very impressive. The first thing you notice is how precise and smooth the manoeuvrability of the jib is.

“From a commercial viewpoint, the HIAB X-HiPro is a sound business proposition. Given the versatility of the fixing system it means I can now use the same truck for 2 or 3 different applications. It reduces the investment in different trucks and also indirect costs, like maintenance, for my business.  It’s also important to have a trusted business partner like Hiab. They are always thinking about how they can improve the customer’s experience and produce products than not only increase the performance and safety of the crane but also reduce the costs of operation. I have always found that Hiab personnel try hard to meet my needs precisely and the support of the local team here in Spain is excellent”.

Sergio Peiró, Product Manager Hiab Loader Cranes, Heavy range, ”Hiab’s strategy is to provide our customers with a range of heavy lift crane solutions. The new HIAB X-HiPro 858 and the recently launched 90tm HIAB X- HiPro1058 really set the standard for the market and we are delighted in the customer endorsements we are receiving”.


Kalmar to refurbish and modernise an overhead crane for Aperam steel mill in Belgium


Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has started the upgrade and refurbishment of the overhead crane at the steel mill of the Aperam Stainless steel plant in Genk, Belgium. The scope includes design, construction, delivery and erection of all the materials for the project, according to the standards and regulations for hoisting liquid steel. The project, which started in November 2014 with design engineering, was booked in Kalmar's fourth quarter 2014 order intake, and is set to be completed in the third quarter of 2015.

Aperam, who currently process over 2.5 million tonnes of flat stainless steel in Europe and Brazil, and have operations in more than 40 countries, selected Kalmar to modernise their 40 year old Paul Würth casting crane, with the capacity of 210 tonnes, at their Genk site in Belgium. The project involves renewing the existing trolley and the lateral driving mechanism of the overhead crane, including new electrical installation, and will be a complete turnkey solution.

Danny Bielen, Project Manager of Aperam, "The trolley and the electrical system of the crane had reached the end of their technical lifetime. We were looking for a partner who could provide a detailed specification, and the ability to demonstrate a strong technical solution. Additionally, Kalmar's excellent project management skills were another important selection criterion."

"We are very happy to work with Aperam on a project like this", says Jelle van der Waal, Director, Crane Upgrades at Kalmar EMEA North. "We specialise in turnkey crane upgrade projects and have a proven track record working with different customer segments. Our competence is based on highly professional in-house engineering and project management. When the project is completed, Aperam will be able to enjoy the extended lifetime of the crane for many years to come."



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